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3 Fuel-Saving Tips to Keep Your Gas Tank from Running on Empty

Car parts are imperfect. Your vehicle’s gauge is more of an estimate than a telltale measurement. Still, your car needs to get you to your destination before it runs on fumes.

The gas in your car operates like a coolant for the electric motor’s fuel pump. If the gas gets low, the pump can take in air, and then overheat. When the pump degrades, it can create costly repairs.

You can prevent your vehicle from unwanted heating with 3 fuel-saving tips and never let your gas tank go empty,

Plan your travels and the gas you’ll need ahead of time.

  • Top-off your tank before your journey.

Before gas gets low and you are unable to reach a gas station:

  • Prearrange to have secure access to the Internet or public WiFi.
    • Check online when you need to find a station in your immediate vicinity.

Your vehicle may show that you still have plenty of mileage.

  • Keep at least a ¼ tank of gas in your car so you are well-prepared in advance.

No one should run out of gas while they’re on the road. At Bloomington Kia, you’ll meet with one of our trained specialists. Where we’ll see to it that you never have a worry about driving on empty again.