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A motor controller, maybe?

KAC 8080I/IPS Controllers

This One In Particular

The KAC 8080I/IPS Motor Controller is quite the motor controller device to have, working with numerous types of motor engines made electrically, like these you see here, and can be picked up at Minneapolis FIAT for instance:

KAC 72501-8080I

KAC 72601-8080I

KAC 72701-8080I

KAC 96501-8080I

KAC 96601-8080I

KAC 14201-8080I

KAC 14301-8080I

KAC 14401-8080I

We’ve now touched upon this HPM controller from Kelly and what you can do with it. In brief, we’ve seen the specs, features and other benefits that can come when you potentially add this item to your collection. And remember: You can use it with most modern electric go-carts, bikes or scooters, lawnmowers, hybrid vehicles and so much more. So it’s now on you, the wise consumer, to make a choice.

Any thought of a possible purchase is now left in your hands. Will you buy one? Or how about one of our cars to use it with?