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Advantages of Leasing

If you ask, a majority of people will tell you that it is a better idea to buy a car than lease one. At Brookdale Honda we understand this. We do still offer great leasing options for all new Hondas. Leasing does offer a few advantages over buying.

Lower Monthly Payment

If the monthly payment is your biggest concern, you should lease. Lessees typically have lower payments than owners of the same car. This is a result of them not being able to keep the car when they are done making payments.


When leasing, drivers have the opportunity to get a brand new car every three years. This is a great option for those who qualify and like to have new and reliable cars. It is also a good idea for business owners.

Right now, there are great deals for Honda lessees. Stop by Brookdale Honda and take a test drive. You may even leave with a brand new car today.