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An Engine Explanation

Engines, be they in planes, trains or automobiles, or even in electric carts for motor carting or golf, are quite interesting to note. They require much input and maintenance. And the full process behind their vast production still fascinates me to this day. At Brookdale Mitsubishi, we have to understand the intricacies of these amazing machines and want to explain some things to you.

Furthermore, to produce the mechanical energy amounts required, the the spark plug will then introduce (mainly to the fuel and air, compressed mixture) a spark that will ignite the explosion that follows. Such explosion then drives the piston down further into the cylinder, along with rod. Due to the unique way by which the crankshaft’s initially designed at the conception phases, it’s made to then convert the piston’s stated downward energy, not to mention the rod’s, to the mechanical energy (the RPM’s process more commonly known to many). The block’s crankshaft then connects a whole group of these cylinders together.