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Benefits of a New Car vs Pre-Owned

So you’ve decided you want to buy a new car. The next decision is whether to buy a new or certified pre-owned. The notion is that it is generally a good idea to buy a used car. There are some benefits of buying new, though.

Lower Interest- Lenders provide a lower interest rate on new cars because of the higher total value. This mean more of your payment goes towards the cost of the car, not interest. You get more for your money with a new car.

Features – Newer cars have the most up-to-date features. The technology in newer cars stays relevant longer. They are have better safety ratings.

Resale – You get more money back when you sell something you bought new. The added features and reduced mileage and wear and tear add to the vehicle’s value.

At Bloomington Chrysler affording a new car is easier than ever. Their salespeople work to get the deal you want on a new Chrysler or Jeep. Remember, a good down payment will lower your payments drastically.