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Bow Down to A Legend

As I stood in Brookdale Mitsubishi about to buy my very first brand new automobile I felt a sense of calm. It may have been the decaffeinated tea I was sipping but it was almost undoubtedly the fact that I was going to buy a car I had only dreamed of owning.

I was never that into cars and often relied on my sister, a car enthusiast from her youth to guide me into the right automobile. When she said the brand name Mitsubishi she would bow as opponents do before they commence to perform the martial arts. I thought it was a coarse joke but she educated me on the respect that one should have for this brand of car. Mitsubishi is known for being precise and efficient and most of all effective on the open road. I have come to have the same tremendous respect for the brand over the years of trying out different makes and models of other cars. The sales associate and I nodded as we began.