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Brookdale Buick Has the SUV for Viking Tailgate Parties

Are you a big Vikings fan? Love to get out to the games at the stadium? Well, if so, then you are probably into tailgating. Each year the number of cars in the parking lot seems to get bigger.

Tailgating is a sports tradition that can be improved greatly by a nice car or SUV. You need something with enough cargo space to hold all of your coolers of food and drink. You need one large enough to transport your entire Viking entourage.

Do not worry, Buick has you covered. Just visit Brookdale Buick today to take a look at the current lineup of models.

Probably the top vehicle for Viking tailgating is the GMC Yukon. This SUV seats seven people easily. It also has ample cargo space. Best of all, the ride is ultra-smooth. But, do not let the good looks fool you. The Yukon is plenty tough. You will have no trouble getting through the snow to the stadium to camp out before those cold weather playoff games.