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Car Maintenance Tips

In the modern world, a car is an essential part of our lives. There are many benefits of doing regular car maintenance. It will reduce your repair costs, prolong the life of your vehicle and make it look new all the time. Other advantages are; gets a higher resale value, promotes a cleaner environment, improves the vehicle’s safety and boosts its performance.

These maintenance tips include;

  1. Check the engine regularly. Pay attention to the coolant and oil levels, air filters, spark plugs, and drive belts and replace what needs to be replaced.
  2. Replace windshield wipers.
  3. Park under a shade to protect the interior from damage by UV sunlight.
  4. Protect your car when storing it for a long period. Some of the things you should do to preserve your car during the period it is sitting idle is to fill the gas tank, disconnect the battery and remove it, wash the vehicle to protect the wax and paint and undo the parking brake.
  5. Vacuum and clean you’re the interior of your car regularly.
  6. Drive your car carefully.
  7. Check the air filter.Faulty or worn out air filters cause a lot of problems in your car. Replace them after every 12 months.
  8. Inspect tire pressure on a regular basis.
  9. Ensure that the tires are rotated and balanced from time to time to prolong their durability.
  10. Check your battery for mineral build up or leakage.

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