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Car Washing Tips From Bloomington Acura

When you have purchased a new vehicle from Bloomington Acura, you naturally want to keep it looking as nice as possible for as long as possible. One of the best ways to so that is to follow a good cleaning and care routine with daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning and care tasks:

Daily- clean out trash from the car like cups and bottles, napkins, and anything else left over from your travels and errands for the day.

Weekly- vacuum the interior of the car to keep it clean and wash the exterior of the car to ensure the paint does not get faded or damaged.

Monthly- get an inspection done to check for things like cracks in the glass, tire issues, scratchers tot he pain, and interior carpet stains.

Taking care of your vehicle is a big responsibility but when you are smart about it and follow basic cleaning and care routines it’s so much easier!