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Chevy Pride

Our family is a Chevy family from way back. We have been driving Chevy’s for several generations and we couldn’t be more pleased with them. The trucks, cars SUV’s and the vans that they offer are the top of the line. The quality is superior to everything else available as well. At Bloomington Chevrolet we’ve always been able to get the most awesome deals on our new Chevy’s which keeps everyone in the family returning to them. Between all of us we have the Malibu, several trucks, two Tahoe’s, three Equinox’s, a Camaro and two Suburbans. We are well equipped for transportation.

We keep going back to the same dealership because we get the best deals with them. Prices we can afford and vehicles that are second to none. We love the service after the sale and how they call every now and then to make sure we’re still happy with our new Chevy purchases. They’re like family and we take pride in knowing they are there for us.