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Comfortable Purchases

I was really nervous when I had to purchase a new vehicle. I didn’t like having to deal with sales people. I have always found them aggressive and pushy which was a huge bummer for me. I like to be able to shop for a car at my leisure. I like to stroll the lot and check out the cars that grab my attention. I really don’t want anyone to recommend a car to me either. I want to look at what I want to look at and purchase just that. I also want a fair price and the best warranty possible. I’ll take all the rebates I can get as well in order to get a great deal on a new car.

When I strolled the lot at Luther Family Ford, I had a very polite sales guy approach me to let me know that he would be happy to stroll with me and answer any questions I may have. He walked with me for over an hour, never recommended one car and I purchased my new Ford Explorer with him.