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Drive Electric: Savings and Silence in the Chevy Bolt EV

Electric vehicles are attracting a lot of attention. None are more compelling than the 2017 Bolt EV, available now at Bloomington Chevrolet.

Despite being relatively new to the market, electric vehicles offer the unique blend of an immediately addictive driving experience and long-term savings for your wallet. The instant torque and whisper-quiet ride give many first-time riders something that veteran EV drivers call the “EV smile.” The Bolt EV zips around town effortlessly but maintains a tranquil cabin, making the ride much more relaxing than its gasoline peers. With an EPA estimated 238-mile range, you can also enjoy that quiet ride for hours of highway driving.

EVs also help drivers to keep running costs down. While federal and state rebates work to bring the initial sticker price down, there are also long-term savings. Oil changes are a distant memory, expensive stops at gas stations are a thing of the past, and far fewer moving parts in the engine help keep maintenance costs to a minimum.

If you have yet to experience the joys of driving electric, schedule a test drive in a Bolt EV and see how quickly you get that smile!