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Eleven Reasons to Wrap Your Car This Holiday

You can give your car a present by wrapping it in vinyl. You’ll give yourself a gift, too, because it preserves the vehicle’s value. Here’s the top reasons to turn to car wrapping.

  1. It protects your OEM paint job, keeping it looking like the day you drove it home from the lot.
  2. It adds to the vehicle’s resale value by preserving its original paint. Repainting a vehicle actually decreases value.
  3. You can easily restore the vehicle to its original color by pulling off the wrap.
  4. Re-painting may void the warranty, but wraps don’t.
  5. You can car wrap a leased vehicle and change its look without violating the lease agreement.
  6. It costs half of what a paint job does.
  7. You can choose a style that you couldn’t achieve with paint. Vinyl car wraps come in every color in finishes including: brushed steel, carbon fiber, chrome, gloss, leather-look, matte, matte metallic and semi-gloss.
  8. Damaged wraps don’t require expensive repairs or color matching. A scratched wrap simply gets that section replaced.
  9. It looks like the vehicle received a new paint job when it didn’t.
  10. Wrap only a section, such as the hood or doors, for advertising or a new look.
  11. Durable vinyl is harder to scratch than paint.

Give your vehicle the present this year with car wrapping. Whether you use it for advertising, a new look or to protect your OEM paint, a car wrap benefits your car.