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Excellent MPG

Brookdale Toyota offers you a vehicle for every occasion. We can help you decide according to how many cars you already own and how often and for what you plan to use your new purchase.

For instance, you might want to take your family on a camping trip in a 4Runner SUV, Corolla Hatchback, or Land Cruiser SUV. Otherwise, you perhaps want to run some street or track races or just take a joyride in a Camry or Tundra. Chances are you may not want to use these cars for your work, so you also might consider one of the numerous models of sedans or compact cars you would use for business.

If traveling short trips, gas mileage might not mean much to you. However, you can achieve more than 30 miles per gallon in some models of Toyotas. That will help you whether you travel alone or with a group.

Feel free to contact our Brookdale Toyota office or stop in to see what vehicles we have available for work or for play.