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Four Great Detailing Tips

 A buddy of mine, who works at Luther Family Ford as a mechanic, gave me four great tips last week on detailing my 2014 Escape.
 For the carpets use a spray-on-and-wipe-off cleaner and a soft brush. This way, there’s no waiting time for them to dry. The vehicle will be ready to go right away.
 Use a glass scrub on the windows, especially the windshield. Ammonia based cleaners work great on loose dirt, but bugs and road tar require something stronger.
 On hard to clean scuffs, crayon marks, and stains on interior vinyl and plastics, try a Magic Eraser and a cleaner specifically made for the job.
 Don’t forget the alloys. Even though they look nasty beyond cleaning, a good all-in-one wheel cleaner, along with a little elbow grease and a steel wool pad, will bring back the rims and tires to an almost new condition.