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I hate towing!

Bloomington Kia¬†knows that no one ideally likes to get towed, especially when they don’t even know it’s happening, and that’s why we’re offering you a few tips to keep in mind should this ever happen to you. Take it all in and remember it. And remember, we are here for you at all times…..

First of all, if you’re parked in a handicapped zone and are, in fact, not handicapped in any way, then move the car immediately. Towing companies, police personnel, and other authorities with the capacity to move your vehicle will do so within the hour. And why take the risk, even when you can find no other nearby place to park? It’s just simply not worth it. Now, if you park somewhere that is not legibly marked, given that you are not obstructing the flow of traffic or parking in any potential way, consider the risk.