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Is It Time to Trade-in Your Car

Sluggish performance, extended miles, engine or parts clunking faster than they can be repaired? It’s an inevitable part of vehicle health. Enjoy the benefits of trading-in with a professional automotive dealer who understands, life happens.

The Advantages of Trading Your Car to an Experienced Auto Dealer


  • The experience of a trade-in is simpler than finding a buyer or numerous buyers on your own.


  • Many states charge tax solely on ‘the difference’ between the newer-auto price and your car’s trade-in appeal (value). Benefiting the trader.


  • An automotive dealer can work with you to make your trade-in happen more swiftly.


  • Once you and a trustworthy auto dealer agree on a trade-in price, you can apply the ‘trade-in amount’ like you would a down payment on a new car.

The Possible Disadvantages of Trade-Ins


  • The car’s value may depend on current market values and garner a lesser price.


  • An owner with a trade-in may need to “haggle” to secure a bargain some persons may find daunting.


  • However, when an owner finds a true professional, they can expect to receive at least the auto’s ‘wholesale value’.



When you find a representative versatile in trade-ins, you can relax knowing you’re in capable hands. Stop by or contact us at Bloomington Kia to receive an ‘instant cash offer’ based on reliable Blue Book® values in as little as 3 days!