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Is the Honda Accord Right for You?

Many think the sedan market is dead because SUVs have taken over, but Honda has redesigned the new 2018 Accord and many are now taking a look at it.

Not only does the 2018 Honda Accord live up to the reputation of reliability, quality and comfort, it is also fun drive and comes with some new features. The new exterior makes it look more like a luxury car than before. The new look is also safer, with ultra high strength steel making it 24% stronger in bending rigidity. The improvements to the body, combined with the new front suspension and steering design, make it more fun to drive.

While the outside gets an upgrade, so does the inside. There are an additional 1.9 inches of rear legroom and the hatchback design adds .9 cubic feet of cargo space. The cabin is also quieter thanks to acoustic spray foam in the roof, an active noise cancelling system and a sound dampening strip.

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