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Maintaining your car is the key to keeping it running well, and to making it last a long time. A car should last several years, and will when maintained well. Bring your vehicle in to Bloomington Hyundai where our professionals can make sure your vehicle is maintained properly.  The most basic thing you can do for car maintenance is keep the oil changed. Not many people do that themselves anymore, but some still do. You could bring your vehicle in to Bloomington Hyundai for this reason, and we will check out every thing else too, to make sure everything is in working order. There is a schedule of maintenance suggested by the car manufacturer and we recommending following that schedule. Keeping wheels aligned, keeping up with belts and hoses, and keeping fluid levels full are things we can do for you in our shop. You can do some things yourself, and for everything else, bring it to Bloomington Hyundai.