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Mitsubishi vs Nissan

It can be difficult to choose a car when there are two which seem to offer everything you want. The Mitsubishi Outlander ES 2.4 FWD is a great crossover vehicle, and so is the Nissan Rogue (2017.5) S FWD. The price and gas mileage are comparable, so I had to dig deeper. The Outlander comes standard with some features which are at best optional on the Rogue, such as third row folding seats, and automatic climate control, which is not available on the Rogue. The Outlander seats 7 while the Rogue only seats 5, even though the vehicles are about the same size and offer the same generous amount of legroom. The Outlander also has a greater towing capacity and a longer warranty, with unlimited roadside assistance. Overall, the Outlander offers more of the things I need for my family, and I got to test drive one at Brookdale Mitsubishi to prove its comfort.