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My Friend’s Recent Purchase

My recent purchase of a car from Burnsville Hyundai was the direct result of a trip I took a few months back with a friend. When he showed up and pulled into my driveway, I was stricken with how beautiful his car was. Silver and shiny, with sleak, dare I say sexy lines. “Like the new car?” he inqired.

“Yes! What is it?” I asked.

“That’s the new Elantra. I got it at Burnsville Hyundai. Pretty nice, right?”

“It looks beautiful, but the cost?”

My friend went went on to tell me about the financing deal he had obtained through the great service at Burnsville Hyundai. What a bargain! After my initial impression, I had to drive it. It was powerful, but easy to drive. I enjoyed every moment of the experience.

After the trip, I went to Burnsville Hyundai to purchase my own, and ‘ so happy I did!