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New Job – New Truck: Ford F-150 Raptor

After 6 years in the office, I finally scored a field research job tracking fish migration. My basic requirements were simple:  towing my boat trailer, large payload to haul samples and equipment, and tailgating at NDSU. My last 2 trucks I purchased from Luther Family Ford so why change a good thing! Tony, the personal vehicle advisor, was there with great advice. I told him the conditions I’d be working in and that sometimes I’d have to sleep in the truck in order to log the migration patterns. After a couple of questions, he suggested the Ford F-150 Raptor with the Equipment Group 802A package for the pro trailer backup assist, ambient lighting not to scare the wildlife and heated seating. Sync app is great for recording my notes while in the field too. Sadly, it didn’t come in Bison colors, so Ruby Red it is. Honestly, I think I could turn it into an Airbnb when not working.