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New or Used? Which is a Better Choice?

Have you ever seen that car on the side of the street with the for sale by owner? Have you ever wondered if that’s something you should stop and take a look at? Here are a few tips you should take into consideration when buying from owners.

The first thing you should do is make sure and get the car inspected by a certified mechanic, especially from a garage you trust. It is better to put forward a few dollars to find out how much work you could be getting. Another thing you should do is to make sure and get everything, including the purchase, in a contract. It is important that evidence of a transaction has happened in case something was missed. You do not want that to come back and haunt you later.

In the end, it may be better to pick up a used car at a dealership that knows the ins and outs of car maintenance and has a professional staff. At Minneapolis FIAT, we pride ourselves on knowing and understanding the process of buying and selling new and used cars. We are here to answer any questions you might have so why not give us a call today?