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Oh No! I Forgot the Side View Mirror

Is there a winter driver in existence who has not driven off after diligently her car of snow, only to glance in the side view mirror and see an untouched layer of snow.This is usually more the case of the right side rather than the easily-remedied left. Unless you have a passenger riding shotgun, the only fix is pulling over out of  traffic and knocking the show off.  Another resulting horror can be driving off and finding out just as you are bout to change lanes that the position of the mirror has been knocked askew and you’re peering at the side panel of your own car.

No doubt, all of the above has happened to automotive engineers too, because more and more cars like the 2018 Fiat 500 Trekker and Lounge at Minneapolis FIAT  are coming equipped with heated mirrors. When the rear defrost window button is pushed the mirrors start to heat up as well clearing up fog or melting ice or snow.

When it comes to taking care of heated side view mirrors, the following precautions should be taken.

  • Never use an ice scraper lest the housing, glass, or adjusters be damages
  • Never use harsh cleansers.

When you think about it, these same don’ts apply to all side view mirrors!