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Pikes Peak In a Jeep Grand Cherokee

Several years ago my wife and I drove up Pike’s Peak in a Jeep Grand Cherokee. We decided to drive the 19 miles, instead of taking the cog railway, because we loved the rented Jeep so much. We found it extremely quiet and comfortable. It drove better than any vehicle I remembered.  So up we went.

The first eight miles went okay.  After that however, the road narrows, has a number of switchbacks, and no guard rails. My wife jumped in the back and wouldn’t look down. We made it up and down in one piece and now share a special love for the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

So last month when our lease expired, we headed down to Bloomington Chrysler for a new Jeep. We may never see Pike’s Peak again, but will definitely see a Grand Cherokee in the driveway for the foreseeable future.