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Safe Driving Reminders

Safe driving requires more than a seat-belt check each time you get in the car.  Brookdale Toyota offers a list of safety measures to keep your family safe.

Winter Concerns:

  • Never use hot water to de-ice windows as the glass may crack or even shatter.
  • After a significant snowfall, wipe taillights and headlights before driving.

Children Issues:

  •  When not in use, secure booster seats as they become projectiles upon impact.
  • Call 1-866-SEAT-CHECK to locate a safety inspection station.

On-the-Road Concerns:

  • When on a road trip, be vigilant to ensure your car is not a theft target. Remove road maps from visible places and take the luggage with you.
  • The trunk of your car should be locked all the time.
  • Don’t use cruise control late at night or, when you are tired. If you nod off, the your car just might crash at the cruise control’s preset speed.