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Safe Driving Tips

At Bloomington Hyundai we want all of our customers stay safe when driving their Hyundai. Here are six tips to keep you safe.

Six Driving Tips  

  1. Always buckle up. Before you start driving anywhere make sure everyone in the car is safely buckled in.
  2. Never drive after you have been drinking. Remember intoxication is one of the leading causes of automobile accidents.
  3. Obey speed limits. Driving too fast greatly increases the odds of an accident and has a minimal effect on saving time.
  4. Avoid distractions while driving such as eating, putting on makeup, and cell phones
  5. Don’t drive while tired. Drowsiness reduces your reaction time and are a contributing factor in 20 percent of all automotive accidents.
  6. Be careful in bad weather. If driving in bad weather drive below the speed limit, don’t drive too close to other cars, and if needed pull onto the shoulder.