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Safe St. Cloud Honda

Meredith realized why the Honda commercial voice over from years ago portrayed a woman sighing Haaaaandaaaaa! It was on the way to work one morning about four days after the purchase. On the way to work a 18 wheel tactor trailer suddenly jack knifed in front of her. Slamming on the brakes came to mind because she remembered the old beat up car she had just ditched. That would not have been a good idea since she was going really fast and risked losing control over the car if she slammed on the brakes. She then remembered the anit-lock braking system she now owned with her new car. As she firmly pressed the brakes the car came to a safe stop within inches of hitting the jack knifed truck. The sigh of relief that escaped her lips reminded her of the commercial. Ah, St. Cloud Honda is now her safe reality.