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Safety on The Road

Here at Brookdale Honda we just want to wish everyone a safe drive today. Whether it’s the daily commute, a family trip to see Grandma, or weekend shopping, enjoy your day. Stay alert, obey the traffic laws, and be polite. Consider these tips:

  • When rain first starts to coat the road, it can cause a slippery surface as dried oil on the road becomes slick again. Wet leaves can also cause a situation like hydroplaning.
  • Drive in the center of your lane. On one side are moving vehicles and on the other are ditches and debris.
  • Make sure the angle of your headlights light the road properly.
  • Check your brakes for excess dust, squealing, or slow response to the brake pedal.
  • Maintain tires in good condition.
  • Get enough sleep so that your reaction time is good.
  • Be safe and have a great day!