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Should You Buy Or Lease A Car? Brookdale Toyota

Are you interested in owning a car? It doesn’t have you cost you an arm and a leg. Previously, you had to pay in cash or take a loan to own one. Leasing was reserved for a few who were interested in luxury cars. Brookdale Toyota outlines leasing as an option of enjoying a new car.
Did you know that a third of car sales are a result of leasing? The previous option of owning a car is finally being embraced in every part of the vehicle industry.
Benefits of Leasing 
Depending on your financial situation leasing has the following advantages.
•    You can acquire expensive vehicle or latest models
•    Use a car while new
•    No need to worry about trade in value
•    You always return the car to dealer once done
Drawbacks of Leasing
•    You have mileage limitation
•    Extra careful on car wear and tear
•    You cannot modify the car except for tinting