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St. Cloud Honda has Great Cars for Students

For a student, having a car that is affordable is crucial. Students should consider the costs of insurance, gas, finance charges, maintenance, and other miscellaneous expenses related to owning a car. These may start piling up! At St. Cloud Honda, we offer a variety of cars under $10,000 so students can get the best deal for their money.

Consider the 2008 Volkswagen Jetta S. Not only is it modestly-priced at less than $8,000, it is quite stylish. Any student would love this car!

Or how about the 2009 Honda Civic Sedan Ex-L. Hondas are are great for gas mileage, students can save loads of money by driving a Civic. In addition to the cheap cost of fuel, the Honda Civic is extremely reliable and only $9,995

As you can see, St. Cloud Honda offers awesome deals for students.