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The 2017 Honda Civic – Continuing Reliable History

The Honda Civic series has been a well-known sedan model offered by Honda for years. That longevity is due to the carmaker’s quality, performance in the car, fuel efficiency, reliability over time with a low level of costly repairs, and good resale value. Honda built its name on producing a car that just won’t die, and the Civic has long been a player contributing to that reputation. Today’s Civic is also light years ahead of the same model from the 2000s. The car is bigger, with more room and more amenities, but it still performs just as well with even more fuel efficiency and top quality. To see for yourself what Honda offers in 2017, come down to Hopkins Honda and take the latest Civic for a test drive. Once in, you’re going go find it very hard to get out and leave the car given how well it drives and feels.