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The 2018 VW Gold GTI Is A Technology Magnet

You have everything that you need in the 2018 Volkswagen Golf GTI. This compact car has technology that makes everything more efficient.

There is an eight-inch touchscreen display that clearly shows everything that drivers need to travel safely. The navigation system is everything that you need to thrive out on the road. Volkswagen offers drivers the dynamic route guidance feature that gives owners precise turn-by-turn information.

The Golf GTI provides drivers with the satisfaction of excellent audio with its Fender Premium Audio System. Four hundred watts of power surge through this system’s eight speakers and one subwoofer. You will hear and feel every beat of the song without having to turn the volume of your stereo all the way up.

Volkswagen leads the way in numerous areas. The 2018 VW Golf GTI is the perfect tool for a college student or young entrepreneur. Stop by Brookdale Volkswagen today to test drive this compact beauty.