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The New Ford F-150

Luther Family Ford is one of the most recognized dealerships in the Midwest. Years of commitment and experience, a wide range of Ford products, as well as a state of the art service station, has made us the go-to Ford dealers in the entirety of the Midwest. Currently, our 2018 vehicle portfolio is guaranteed to see you drive off with a Ford salon, Crossovers, SUV, or Truck of your wish. Our popular model collection includes the new all-powerful 290hp 3.3L V6 Ford F150 fitted with a revolutionary 6-speed automatic transmission for swift shifting on the highways or in the muddy fields. The new F150 comes in 14 shades of color coatings that fit your customization to an inch of perfection. Ford is revered for its quality and this new F150 is all about quality in safety as it is in power as it features side seat mounted and 1st row overhead set to offer all vehicle occupants with unparalleled safety.