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The Safety Net We Need for Our “Perfect” Cars

Every morning stepping out of the house and every afternoon going home from work, we step in our cars, turn on the ignition and get ready to travel. Unfortunately, that normality doesn’t always work as expected, even with the best-designed cars. Eventually, mechanical things start to have issues, and something stops working. Some of these “failures” are actually safety features that keep us from driving a faulty car, which could result in a serious accident if we did. Some are just plain because a consumable part wore out, like an old car battery. Either way, it puts us in a fix, and then we realize even the best cars are not perfect. When that happens, it’s time to call Luther Towing. Luther’s technicians can come out, solve car start problems, or get your vehicle to a qualified ASE-certified mechanic shop without any further problems. Call them for your next tow, and you won’t be disappointed or stranded.