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Tips on Reducing Your Chance of Getting Into a Wreck

Here are some useful tips to avid getting into a wreck:

  1. Use your turn signals whenever necessary. Too many accidents happen from people not signaling when changing lanes.
  2.  Install a rear-view camera. It is more efficient than mirrors and will allow you to park in more difficult spots.
  3. Don’t get into the blond spots of others. You should always assume that drivers are not very diligent at checking their blind spots, so don’t test them.
  4. Avoid busy main roads if possible. Although it may add additional distance to your route, empty roads will reduce your risk and take a load off of your stress level.
  5. Don’ lack the distance between cars. If you have to hit your brakes, you don’t want to ram into the car in front of you. At the same time, don’t leave enough room for others to cut you off.

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