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To charge or not

Bloomington Hyundai knows what car charger light indications to note.

  • If you see it as flashing, then this indicates that, possibly because it has just surpassed its normal range of expected internal charge temperatures, its output has now been reduced to a significant degree. And this is a safety precaution similar to what may be seen with an overloading or overheating cutoff. The same generic protection protocol applies. And at this point, in the flashing state, it’s likely displaying its 1 – 6 charge profiles for about 10 seconds —- that’s if it hasn’t detected any batteries.
  • Quite similarly to the ammeter, the bulk charge indicator will also display a solid or flashing state. When it’s solid, you can know that it is at least 80 % charged and that it’s now in its absorption phase. Also, this means that the prior “bulk charge phase” has now undergone full completion.