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Two Benefits of Owning over Leasing

While most people prefer to own their car versus leasing it, there is a growing sentiment among car buyers that is leading to an increase in the number of leases nationwide. It is true that you are less likely to need the services of Luther Towing if you lease your vehicle, but there are still some tried and tested reasons to own your vehicle as well. Here is a couple of them.

Used – Leases are almost always given for new vehicles, meaning that you can only get a used car if you purchase one to own. Used cars hold their value a lot more than new cars. Buying an almost-new car is a much better deal than leasing.

Resale – When you purchase a car, it becomes an asset you can use when you go to get your new car. You can either sell it to someone else to get a down payment or trade it in with the dealer against the value of your next car.