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Used or New Vehicle? 3 Questions to Ask Yourself to Find Out the Answer

When you visit Bloomington Acura to buy a car, you will be faced with one huge decision: do you want to invest in a brand new vehicle or one that already has a few miles but a lot of life left to give? Take a look at three questions you should ask yourself to determine whether you should buy a new or used vehicle.

What does your budget allow?

Think about the size of the payment you can logically afford. Newer cars can come with a larger monthly payment.

How long do you want your investment to last?

Used cars simply don’t have as much life left to give as a new car. Therefore, buying used may mean you have to reinvest in another vehicle sooner than you want to.

Are you prepared for the costs of maintaining a used car?

While a new car often comes with a warranty to cover repairs for a span of time, a used car does not. Therefore, if you face maintenance issues, this is a bill you will need to be financially prepared to handle.