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Vintage Racing With A Fiat

Fiats are an underrated type of racing vehicle and it is possible to turn your everyday Fiat into an awesome racer. For example, you could change up the engine, add new decals, open up the cabin, add huge exhaust pipes, paint on some racing numbers, and style it after an old-school Fiat 600 D.

These Fiats are very popular racing vehicles that remain highly in demand. They were very popular in older European racing for both their powerful engine and their incredible handling. Although they didn’t quite take off in America in the same way, they remain popular among certain quarters.

Thankfully, there are often many of these great vehicles in stock here at Minneapolis FIAT. If you are interested in transforming your Fiat into a race or purchasing one of these vehicles, don’t hesitate to come to our shop and take one for a test drive.