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What To Do If Your Tire Blows Out On Your Acura

Blow outs are scary situations no matter whey occur. If your Acura suffers from an unexpected blow out, here’s how you need to react:

  1. Don’t panic – keep your hands fully on the wheel at all times
  2. Avoid braking – this can cause you to skid out of control
  3. Steer to the side of the road as you slow down – you need to get off the road to stay safe
  4. Take your foot off the gas to slow down as you pull over – brake only when below 20 MPH
  5. Park your vehicle and put on your parking brake, if you have one
  6. Turn on your emergency lights and call for help, if needed
  7. Check your spare tire and install it if you can – if not, wait for help to arrive

If you need help finding new tires after a blow out or need repairs to your vehicle, please call us at Bloomington Acura to get the help that you need.