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When to Buy Certified Pre-Owned

There are few things as memorable as owning your first car. Car ownership comes with a feeling of pride and a new realm of responsibilities from whether to buy your vehicle, new, used or certified pre-owned (CPO). Take the guesswork out of sorting the affordable choice when buying certified pre-owned.

What is certified pre-owned?

A certified pre-owned car is reconditioned and stringently inspected by its car dealer. Conversely, CPOs can carry a higher price tag under the promise of newer car quality for a used auto price. The increased costs attribute to paying more frequently for an extended warranty.

Should you buy used and save the green for a rainy day or protect your investment against the unexpected?

Connect with a professional you trust.

Read and reread the fine print on any extended warranty. Meet with a mechanic or a dealer who is up to speed about when a car has been certified by the dealer, a third party or a manufacturer. Bloomington Chrysler certified pre-owned vehicles come with additional options of financing, satellite radio and roadside assistance.

Prepare for the unexpected

When the car is used or pre-owned and older than several years, a CPO with an extended warranty can offer peace or mind while handling when flats, engine overheating or weather arise.

Have the vehicle inspected by a trusted professional whether it has been certified or not previously inspected. A dealer vested in your interests will provide an unfiltered opinion. Take the time to meet a reliable certified pre-owned and used vehicle dealer who can help you determine the vehicle’s history including any inspections and recalls. Visit one of our knowledgeable team members at Bloomington Chrysler to assist with all of your car buying needs.