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Which Toyota Tacoma Body Type is Right For You?

If you are in the market for a new truck, the Toyota Tacoma may have caught your eye. It is an affordable compact pick-up that gets good gas mileage. However, before you can buy the truck, you have to decide which body type is right. The Tacoma comes in two different body types: the access cab and double cab. Here is some information you should know as you look to make a decision.

The primary difference between these two body types is the doors. The double cab has four doors that open much like a standard car, allowing you to easily allow people or equipment access to the back seat. The access cab has two back miniature doors that fold open on both sides of the truck. This gives you less cab space in the back and makes it a bit more challenging for larger items, like people to fit back there. However, an access cab is cheaper than a double cab and is perfect for those who only occasionally need the extra space.

If you want to come look at both models or are ready to buy, swing by Brookdale Toyota today. We would love to help you determine what body type is right for your new Toyota Tacoma truck.