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Why Choose the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid?

The Chrysler Pacific Hybrid creates a new choice for the minivan category as a plug in hybrid minivan and it’s the only one like it in its class.

It compares well to its competitors, with a sleek design that is more eye catching than the Sienna. The hybrid system comes with two electric motors that will provide 250 total horsepower. It has a CVT transmission as well. You can get a little bit more horsepower with the non-hybrid version.

Where the hybrid version stands out is in the MPGs. On gas alone the minivan gets 32 mpg city/highway, but adding in the electric power it can get up to 84. The Pacifica can travel 33 miles just on the electric power alone, which is a lot considering the size of the vehicle that can haul eight adults.

There is plenty of cargo space, as a minivan should have, and the third row can still seat adults rather comfortably.

Visit your local Bloomington Chrysler dealer to test drive the latest version of the hybrid Pacific and see for yourself.