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Yet Another Reason Original VW Owners Loved Their Bugs

Back in the day, namely the days when Volkswagen still placed their air cooled engines in a rear compartment of the cars, those enough lucky enough to own Bugs, loved to taunt their neighbors, come a major snowfall. Well, not all neighbors, but most of them, because back then everyone drove rear wheel drive cars. And with the drive wheels in the back and the engine in the front, there was no weight to keep the drive wheels firmly planted in the ground when snow covered it. Although today’s electronic stability control, traction control, and improved tire technology have made rear wheel drive cars easier to control in the snow, that wasn’t the case back then. And so drivers did the best they could. But there was another choice – a Volkswagen Beetle.

VW Beetles had rear wheel drive, but they had those rear engines right over the drive wheels. In addition, they were equipped with tall balloon type tires so, assuming they had good treads and tire pressure, they gripped the snow, providing great traction on snow-covered roads. But the best part of owning a VW Bug back in the day was hearing the grumbles of neighbors digging their cars out of the piles of snow the plows had built in front of their driveways and looking up to see  Volkswagen Bugs climb over them like miniature tanks.

Although the VW Beetles you’ll see at Burnsville Volkswagen have their engines over the front wheels, not to worry, they ‘re front wheel drive.